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Yoga and Pilates allowed me to feel good in my own skin and that is exactly what I want people to experience through Yoga, Pilates and Nutrition.


It has got nothing to do with what other people can achieve , It’s about being the best version of ourselves, AND WE CAN!!!


There is so much more to us than what we sometimes give ourselves credit for. We CAN achieve more, AT ANY AGE, and it’s never too late to start.


To do Yoga or Pilates, you don’t need to be extra flexible (I certainly never was!) or particularly strong. You just need to have that desire to regain control of your body.

The human body is an extremely amazing machine, we need to respect it and we can develop it to serve us in the best way possible.


Do you remember when you woke up in the morning with no pains, no tightness, when movements were easy and smooth? When you walked/jogged/run up a hill/stairs without feeling that your chest was going to explode?


It’s not age… ok, age plays a little part, but not if we carry on moving and working on our body.

We can feel better at 50 than we ever did at 20!


It’s all in the mind-set!

Good nutrition will give us the necessary base to build on. We will have the energy and lose the sluggishness. Through Yoga and Pilates we will challenge and strengthen the deep core and postural muscles, we will remove all the locks and tightness and allow our bodies to feel once again free and light. The breath work will open up our lungs again, increased flexibility will prevent injuries, strength work will increase our bone density. Vinyasas will improve our stamina, strong still postures will tone and build our muscles and relaxations will help us release all stresses and declutter our minds.

Slowly, by removing all the clutter, our bodies will feel light again and our minds will be clearer.

All this is achieved through simple sets of postures, not by wrapping our legs around our necks!

Don’t sit at home thinking that things won’t change. They CAN, they WILL. It won’t be overnight but little changes will happen every time, until one day you will surprise yourself and find that you can now achieve something you couldn’t for years.


I am still working on it, every day!!  And I smile a lot more now.


Make that decision now. Join a Yoga or Pilates class.   

Classes in Myddfai, Llangathen and Carmarthen 

Monday: Carmarthen Library - All Levels Pilates 6pm - General Hatha Yoga 7.15 pm 

Tuesday: Llangathen Village Hall - Pure Pilates for fitness  9.30am / Back Care , remedial , Chair Pilates 10.50am

Tuesday: Myddfai Village Hall - General Hatha Yoga 7.00pm 

Wednesday: 9.30am Strong and slow Yoga - Llangathen Hall / 7.30pm Strong and slow Yoga Llangathen Hall 

Thursday: Myddfai Village Hall 10am Pure Pilates for fitness - Llangathen Hall 6.15pm Fitness Pilates 

For more details about the class go to the Yoga / Pilates tab 



Monday: 7.15pm-8.30pm General Hatha Yoga @ Carmarthen Library 

Tuesday: 7.00pm-8.30pm General Hatha Yoga @ Myddfai Hall (Llandovery) from September 

Wednesday: 9.30am-11.00am Strong and slow Yoga @ Llangathen Hall 

Wednesday: 7.30pm-9.00pm Strong and slow Yoga @ Llangathen Temperance Hall  

For a description of the class go to the Yoga tab


 Monday: 6pm-7.10pm  All levels Pilates @ the Carmarthen Library 

Tuesday: 9.30am-10.40am  Pure Fitness Pilates @ Llangathen Temperance Hall

Tuesday: 10.50am- 11.50pm Remedial Pilates / Back care @ Llangathen Civic Hall 

Thursday: 10.00am-11.00pm Pure Fitness Pilates @ Myddfai Hall 

Thursday:  6.15pm-7.15pm Pure Fitness Pilates @  Llangathen Temperance Hall   

For a description of the class go to the the Pilates Tab

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