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There are so many elements that make Yoga such a beautiful practice. 

Have you ever wondered what its is about Yoga that makes you feel so wonderful? 

Breath, awareness, calm all brought together by movement. 

The movement in Yoga is powerful and subtle at the same time. Asanas help us open up, release tensions, unblock locks in our bodies. 

With Yoga we breathe in positive energy and breathe out all the negative thoughts.We recharge our cells, switch on our nervous system, create new neurological paths between our bodies and our minds. 

It is such a powerful practice, yet so calming on the mind. 

The classes will bring together asanas (postures) with breath and aim to mobilise, strengthen and lengthen the body.  Please rest assured that you do not need to be flexible to be a beautiful Yogini. 

A typical class will be 1.5 hours long and will include jattis (mobilisation  exercises),  Kryias (moving postures with breath) and some vinyasa. Some pranayama (breath work) and relaxation. 

Feel like your young self again!!! 

Classes and 1-2-1 available 

Classes in Carmarthen, Llanagathen, LLandeilo and Myddfai (Llandovery) 

Classes' description:

Strong and slow Yoga - This class requires the participants to have basic fitness/mobility but options are available for all. Good if you are looking to strengthen and open up your body.

This class will include Sun salutations or other vinysasas, postures and simple breath work (pranayama).It will end with a relaxation to rebalance body and mind.

It aims at challenging the body and calming the mind. It is aimed at all levels (even you have never done Yoga before) as we will go through all postures and vinyasa slowly to make sure we pay attention to the body and the breath.

It is not ideal if you have difficulty kneeling or putting pressure on your arms or for serious back/neck/knees issues. It will leave you calm, feeling stronger and open. Fab for flexibility. You don't have to be flexible to come to this class, nor do you need to have done Yoga before!!! 

General Hatha Yoga - All levels welcome!

This is a general yoga class open to everyone; it will still follow the same format as the strong and slow yoga classes (Jattis/posture work/gentle and beautiful sun salutations/breath work/relaxation) but it will be less demanding on the body and gently build up to more demanding practices. Ideal for anyone needing to get back into practice, those who are new to it or those have back/neck/hips issues. This class hopes to leave students feeling stretched, stronger, calmer and regenerated.  

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