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Pilates focuses on alignment and core strength. In Pilates the focus is primarily on the deep postural muscles that run across the pelvis and support our backs. 

The exercises will be slow and, in some cases, will focus on isolating and working on specific muscle groups. 

The idea is to re-train our deep postural muscles instead of allowing the bigger muscle groups to take over. Mobilising, lengthening and generally rebalancing all muscles in the body is also part of Ragini's Pilates sessions.

The sessions tend to last between 1hr and 1.15hrs of which some will be taken up by warming up exercises (standing or on mat) and the rest by exercises performed on the floor.     

A relaxation at the end of the session aims to bring the mind in line with the body. 

Classes and 1-2-1 available. 


Classes' Description: 

Fitness Pilates - This class will go through all levels and provide options for everyone but will work the core quite strongly. It will not be ideal for people with serious back/neck/joints issues - If you are looking at Pilates for back/neck/joints care and/or remedial work, the Wednesday 11.15am Back Care/Remedial Pilates will be ideal for you.

Fitness Pilates is ideal if you are already doing fitness classes or if you practice a sport and want to strengthen your body (with emphasis on the core) and gain some flexibility. Also very good for mild back/neck issues. Beginners welcome as everything will be explained.

All Levels Pilates - All Levels welcome!

This class will focus on core strength but will also look at flexibility with some gentle stretches to rebalance the body. Every exercise will have different levels to allow all participants to work at the level desired.

Ideal for people wanting to strengthen and gain some flexibility and for people with mild back/neck/shoulder/hips issues. 

Back Care/Remedial Pilates - This is a much more personalised class and I will be working with you to make sure you get the best on the session for your body.

If you have back issues, pain, slight neck issues or knee issues that prevent you from joining other classes, this might be the class for you. You will need to have the approval of your health professional. 

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